Unique UAS Solutions

Inspired on Set

With our FPV accessory brand RED KYTE Drones, we aim to share some of the stuff that makes our lives easier on set or when flying casually, with the rest of the FPV world. When we are out with RED KYTE Media, we constantly stumble over new concept- and improvement ideas. If these ever come to life, you will find them in our shop. The first product release is a 3 Inch FPV platform with an AUW of just 190 grams – Yes, including battery, GoPro and digital video transmission. Because of its weight and the low noise levels, it is the perfect fit for us when we are filming on sports events for example. Before we developed the XDREI, we were using the regular ol’ cinewhoops or freestyle quads, which were always extremely underwhelming in terms of safety, performance and noise levels. You can get the XDREI and all follow-ups at: