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If you want to spice up your video marketing output, including FPV footage just makes sense. The first step is be a quick chat to find out more about your project and location. The conception of the film can either be done by you or our team. Normally, a One-Take (or One Shot) Image video including choreographies with staff for example, can be done in a single shooting day. Through detailed briefing beforehand, the location scouting and guiding of the staff takes up a maximum of three hours. Productions with complementary ground cam footage and individual scripts require significantly more planning. A quick chat about your visions and goals works best here as well. The duration of a production like this depends on the scale of the production, eventually needed extra permissions for the flights and other individual factors. Get in touch via phone, mail or our contact form. 

FPV footage

RED KYTE Media is your reliable partner for FPV filming on productions of every size. If you already have the dates and a script, fire them over! Additional dates for eventual bad weather conditions are helpful as well. We will pick the right quad for the job, if you don’t specify wishes. The type of drone depends on factors like flown camera, flying style and other factors like the surroundings. The most important thing, especially when there’s not much time left until we shoot is the location: We will check if there are additional permissions required. Normally, for this process including risk assessment and the actual permission process we have to plan with around 4 weeks in advance to the shoot. 

On Set, we don’t require external power for charging our LiPo batteries. With our self-sufficient charging equipment we can fly for up to two days in the wilderness – but we would really fancy catering there 😉 

We always have adequate replacements on set, so the shoot doesn’t have to come to a halt in the unlikely event of an equipment failure. 

When we have all the information needed, you can expect a quote as soon as possible. 


FPV drones can bring the audience closer to the action like nothing else before. Limited perspectives are a thing of the past, as an FPV drone is nothing else than a flying camera that can move wherever you want it to. The energy of the final overtake at a racing or extreme sports event can now be captured in a way nobody has seen before. Our pilots are challenged more than ever at streaming events, as the footage doesn’t undergo post stabilization. Every wiggle and correction of the quads are transported live to the broadcast wagon. We can supply an HD or Full-HD feed with relatively low latency of up to three pilots. FPV Livestreams are not only home where tires are burned or FMX drivers hang from their bike – a flight over your location live on an LED-Screen or wherever moving images are shown in real time, is the right place for FPV streaming.

Real Estate | Architecture

Especially when it comes to luxury real estate, the right marketing is the key to success. With FPV drones, the highlights of your properties can be presented in a way like never before. An FPV drone can substitute the well established gimbal shots, but doesn’t has to stop when it reaches the balcony or a window. With the use of especially for this use case designed quads, we can produce a full 360° fly through video of your property and it’s surroundings.


Next to our own developments which are used in our daily business, we can assist you with the design and development of new UAS concepts. Special props or industry use case – just drop us a message!